My early childhood was spent in Croatia in the magical orchard of my paternal grandparents.  For six years I lived perched on the branch of the walnut tree beneath the sky, where I listened to the wind and the birdsong, and inhaled the scent of lilac, locust and wild roses.


Summers on the Adriatic revealed the majesty of the sea, and life of authenticity, simplicity and beauty,  So strong were these childhood impressions that they continue to inform my life and my work. 


Primarily a self taught artist I developed skills and found my voice through exploration of various materials which continue to lead me to discovery and expression.  My early work focused on jewelry in gold, silver and copper, followed by enamel and raising and electroforming of small vessel forms.   I'm excited by the expressive potential and the results of mixed media paintings which are currently my primary focus.  My abstract landscape and figurative works convey a sense of the natural world, mystery and presence.  These original, one of a kind paintings are sold and exhibited in fine art galleries and are available directly from the artist.

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